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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Best of 2007

Here's my belated "Best of" list for 2007 out of the places reviewed here:

1) Best splurge in LA: Hiko Sushi
Go omakase and trust the master, Shinjisan. 'Nuf said. Best sushi include toro (fatty tuna), uni (sea urchin) and blue crab handroll.

2) Best steal in LA: Shinsengumi
Porky Hakata ramen custom-made to your liking -- hard noodles, low oil and normal-strength broth. Don't forget the spicy miso for those who like some kick and those combination lunch deals with gyozas or fried rice for the budget conscious.

3) Best new find in LA: China Islamic
The lamb in the stew was truly a revelation (read: melt-in-your-mouth).

4) Best consistent joint in LA: Singapore's Banana Leaf
If you don't mind the hustle and bustle of the farmers' market, the food here is solid -- the beef rendang, samosas and the delightfully stringy roti paratha.

5) Best out-of-town all-around gem: Top Dog
Try a Hot Link topped with some sauerkraut and mustard and you'll be dreaming of biting into its juicy goodness for years to come. Here's a reason to visit Berkeley.

6) Best out-of-town find: Kabab Palace
This Arizona joint set the standard for Afghan food and I'm still looking for a comparable place in LA.

7) Best consistent out-of-town joint: Shabu Sen
I always try to stop by my favorite shabu shabu place in SF, where I can get thinly sliced quality beef with solid sesame sauce.

8) Best new discovery: Mondo Gelato
I was heartened to run into my favorite gelato place from Berkeley when I traveled to Canada. I relished my gianduia, chocolate hazelnut.

Thanks for all your support and comments! I look forward to reviewing more gems and finds in 2008.


omurice said...

if i was stuck on a deserted island, and had to choose one of the top ten, it would be hiko. i could eat the sushi, crab roll, and sashimi salad every day. plus, it's healthy. i considered top dog, but it would be tough on the arteries.

thanks nj for some great reviews in 2007. looking forward to more reports of new restaurants in 2008!

phasmatidae said...

Considering you go to Shik Do Rak twice a week, perhaps it should be on the list? Does Omurice agree? However, I suppose if we start including the frequency of omurice's visits then Denny's would have to appear on the list as well...

ironchef442 said...

as would tito's tacos. yik. i wanted to stick to only those reviewed.

omurice said...

wait a second. bagging on my favorite taco place, tito's. them fighting words . . .

ironchef442 said...

that is not a taco. it's a lard sandwich.

omurice said...

whatever goes in those tacos, there mighty tasty . . . :)