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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sweet Lady Jane is No Plain Jane

It may not be picture-perfect, but who needs photogenic cakes that taste like sugar in a bowl? The first time I ever bit into a berry shortcake from Sweet Lady Jane was from leftovers of someone else's wedding cake. I knew then this was the cake I wanted for a special occasion. A few years later, I got my cake know the saying. I got two flat cakes, a berry shortcake and chocolate shortcake, which were both very good although my personal favorite remains the white cake. I wasn't ready to shell out twice the price for a mere tiered cake. Go flat!

I mean, look at the inviting slivers of fresh rasberries, blackberries and strawberries lined with fluffy, soft-as-a-cloud cake and a creamy exterior with just the right hint of sweetness. Its name, Triple Berry Shortcake, alludes to its awe-inducing berry fest.

If berries aren't your thing, the next best thing I would recommend is the banana bread pudding, which comes with cream but doesn't really need it. It's best served warm (low heat in toaster oven for 3 minutes should do it) and is delightfully soft, dense, chewy and banana-y all at the same time.

We've also tried the lemon meringue pie, which was excellent and the capuccino cheesecake, which was a bit too rich and dense for me. But I'm not a huge cheese cake person so you be the judge. The carrot cake was ok but not anything mind-blowing.

Sweet Lady Jane
8360 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(323) 653-7145


omurice said...

yummy, banana bread pudding. if it's sweet lady jane, i could eat it every week.

ctg said...

fyi. few other places serve sweet lady jane cakes Ktown, Cafe Loft (corner of 6th & Oxford) and in Eagle Rock, Coffee Table. :)

ironchef442 said...

good to know! thanks, ctg.