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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alibi Room: No Go Kogi...Again

Just a quick note to say that Kogi BBQ once again failed to impress at the Alibi Room location. The Kogi menu there is more extensive than at the trucks and there is a shorter wait while guzzling some beers. The rib taco that they ran out of at the truck was just like the spicy pork one I had at the truck -- one big mush of unidentifiable meat with an overdressed and over-vinegared cabbage mixed in. The hot dog promised "kimchi sauerkraut, cabbage slaw and Korean ketchup." First of all, not sure what's special about Korean ketchup. More watered down? Then the relish was once again overpowering whatever meat could be found. When you tasted the dog, it was like the cheapest sausage you could find at the isles of Ralph's. That mystery-meat, factory smell and taste. And don't get me started on the kimchi quesadilla. Throw in some melting cheese with chopped kimchi into a tortilla and there you have it -- oh, and don't forget to plop down some thousand island dressing type sauce to dip this so promising-but-unremarkable concoction in. I know I'm being harsh but alas, the food spoke for itself. I'd like to believe it was better before as some of my friends have insisted, but I'll never know unless the owners get back into gear. Alibi has a decent beer list though. The Echigo Stout was good, if you're a dark beer person. Ditto the Hefeweizen. Haven't tried the daily specials and tortas, but I'm not returning.


Gilbert said...

Uh saw your review on yelp...I dont have an accoutn there, don't plan on it...I'd have to agree.

I was refused service because i was under 21 understandable, so I had to get my girlfriend to order, after they promptly kicked me out again because I'm not allowed in.

Anyway, after long anticipation and refusal to wait in line....I'm glad I didn't wait in line for the was mediocre at best. We all could make better tacos with quality meat and to proportion for probably a lot cheaper and larger portions.

kaiskeebeat said...

agreed, Kogi @ the Alibi was a big disappointment. the tacos were tiny, the service was bad and the music too loud.

ironchef442 said...

glad someone agrees w/me on this! it seems like everyone else is bewitched by the kogi spell. good to know i'm not alone :)