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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Indian Snacks in Artesia: Delicious and Nutritious Nut-based Goodies

I've always been fascinated by all the Indian markets and shops lining Pioneer Boulevard in Artesia, so I recently did some research and ventured to the corner of Pioneer and 186th Street that seemed to be the heart of Little India.

I was able to buy some asafoetida and black salt I had used for a dal (lentil) recipe that did wonders (helped avoid gas -- yeah!) for my stomach. I also got some paratha from the frozen section that I could just cook stove-top on a pan with some oil to amazingly delicious effect. And some ghee (clarified butter).

But I digress. I headed to a few snack shops and ended up at Surati Farsan Mart, which had the longest lines and an incredibly colorful assortment of these snacks.

I told the guy at the counter that I didn't know any of the snack names or flavors so didn't know what to get. He generously proceeded to let me sample everything and I mean everything.

I was intrigued by these silvery pink ones, which turned out to be rosewater-based with edible silver. So darn beautiful and while I'm not a huge fan of rosewater, these were amazingly flavorful, filled with some nutty cashew mix inside.

I pretty tried all the offerings that didn't have dried fruit or dessicated coconut since I'm not a big fan of overly sweet snacks or dried coconut (although I do love coconut water).

In the end, I was sold on these lovelies and got a half a pound box that cost me about $4. If this isn't a killer bargain, I don't know what is.

The friendly guy at the counter relayed that green usually has some pistachio, bright yellow has almond and beige has cashews. One of my favorites was one described as "mango cheesecake."

I can't wait to return and try its hot snacks that are made to order. I'm afraid I'll need some help there too.


persimmongirl said...

did they have any pani poori??

it's amazing what a melting pot Los Angeles is.

ironchef442 said...

hey you! mmm. they probably did on the made to order menu. you'll have to visit la to find out!