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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cooking: Attention Spice Lovers -- This Thai Sauce is For You

One of my favorite past times is to wander around for hours at markets of cuisines I'm not as familiar with. Ok, I'm actually into any kind of market but there's something exciting about exploring everything an unknown market has to offer. Is that too geeky?

Anyway, as a proud food geek, I recently ventured to a Thai market in Thai Town (we are so blessed in LA) and found a really cool sauce in the ready-made food/condiment section by the entrance.

It was labeled as "curry" but the cashier lady told me it's not really curry. It was a mix of roasted chili (you know how much I like that charred flavor), garlic, salt and sugar. It was pretty spicy but the lady advised that I have "with rice and vegetables" so I tried that first.

I first tried it with some brown rice and baby broccoli stir fried with some garlic and salt. It gave this healthy meal some serious flavor and kick.

I also tried it with some pan fried pork tenderloin that I sliced thinly over rice to great effect. It has since become a great rice bowl condiment to veggies or meat.

On a separate note, I also bought some lemongrass and need to figure out the best way to cook with that. Any ideas?

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