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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cooking: Fried Chicken Fingers and Blue Cheese Salad

I usually don't deep fry stuff from home because it uses up so much oil and it makes a mess. Oh, and it's not good for you so that's an added disincentive to deep fry at home.

But one day I wanted to have chicken fingers. So I went to my trusty Everyday Food roster and found this cool combo of fried chicken fingers and blue cheese salad. Everyone knows fried chicken goes well with blue cheese. Remember all those cheesy dips for buffalo wings?

This one I found online (the old one I used is no longer available) has a "buffalo" twist where it's smothered in that sticky sweet and spicy sauce. You can skip the sauce and just deep fry the chicken and have it with the blue cheese salad. It's fine that way unless you're a hard-core buffalo sauce fan.

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