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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cooking: Winter Salad at its Best -- Spinach and Persimmon Salad

I love winter salads and the combination of fruit, nuts and greens. So this spinach and persimmon salad was the perfect counterpoint to the heavier braised oxtail dish I prepared for a recent dinner with some of my dearest friends who happen to be crazy food people (ok, maybe that's not so shocking).

Our host, GS, presented this delightful salad and even gave it her own spin, using almonds instead of pecan and adding pear slices in addition to the persimmons. I actually like almonds more than pecans so it was a great substitute for me. And what's not to like about pears in a salad? They added a touch of sweetness and soft texture.

The kicker for this salad, however, is the entirely unexpected aroma of toasted sesame oil that hits you when you take a mouthful of the greens and goodies into your mouth. It only takes a teaspoon but a little sesame oil goes a long way and it sure did in this salad. It wasn't overpowering and melded so well with the sweetness of the fruit and freshness of the spinach.

A winning salad that seems simple to make and a sure-fire crowd-pleaser at any potluck or dinner party table.

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