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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tanya's Lebanese Cuisine Kabab in Upland: Decent Kuftah but Not Great

I stumbled upon Tanya's Lebanese Cuisine Kabab in Upland while I happened to be there on business. It was just around rush hour, I wanted to beat the traffic going back west and was hungry.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a Lebanese joint in Upland but it looked promising so entered. The chef came out and took my order of Kuftah Kabob, grilled patty of ground beef mixed with a bunch of spices like parsley, etc.

The patty was good and well grilled just the way I like it. However, the sides that came as part of the "plate" were lackluster. The rice was below average. The green salad was just average. The hummus and complimentary flat bread weren't bad. The bright pink pickled radishes were fine.

It's true that I'm biased because I like Sunnin Cafe in Westwood a lot and the style of Lebanese food was a bit different.

While I liked that I could find a Lebanese restaurant in Upland and it was pretty authentic, I still like my Sunnin Cafe or Open Sesame in Long Beach better. But it definitely beats the ubiquitous chain and fast food restaurants in the area.

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