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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mayo Clinic Cookbook Rediscovered: Yellow Split Pea Soup

Wanted to post some cooking ones since it's been a while. It's not because I haven't been cooking. I cook plenty. In fact, I've been on a semi-healthy cooking kick, and I'm revisiting the Mayo Clinic cookbook.
I remember leafing through it years ago after I bought it, but not finding any recipes that really looked interesting. Well, how I have changed. I flagged a ton of recipes and made this yellow split pea soup that is nutritious, good and looks even better.

Think the "real-way" came out fairly close to the "run-way" image on the Mayo site, no? Yes, I was pretty happy with myself. The green swirls coming from the yogurt-based chive cream look so wonderful in the yellow split pea backdrop. The icing? The beautiful pink morsels of ham that you sprinkle in the end.

The chive cream really added a refreshing dimension to the rather stodgy flavor of the split pea that I'm usually not a big fan of. And the ham gave it a saltier edge. Altogether a great way to consume fiber with flavor.

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