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Friday, October 7, 2011

Cooking: Fig Withdrawal Coming Soon, Have it While You Can!

Just wanted to thank the 16 folks who are following me and many others who come here regularly to read my rants and revelations! Let me know what you think of the places I review or recipes I share. Would love to hear from you~

Ok, so this post isn't so much about cooking as it is about assembling. I'm desperately trying to stretch this year's fig season -- that is, trying to find figs until the very last moment. I like black figs better than green ones as I find them sweeter and juicier, but then again, maybe I haven't had a fantastic green one.

Anyhow, I got into this routine of having a quick and delish dinner on weekdays where I slice a bunch of black figs in half and alternate my bites of figs with pairings of 1) a slice of prosciutto or 2) a slice of super rich and creamy cheese (I tried Lingot D'argental). You feel a tad guilty having pork and gooey cheese for dinner but that is tempered by the rationale that I'm eating fruit so in the end, I feel ok. And completely satiated and titillated by the explosion of flavors including salty, sweet and slightly bitter as well as textures like crunchy (from the fig seeds) and creamy.

I daydream about the excellent, razor-thin prosciutto and caramelized figs served at Girasole. Until my next trip there, this trio of home-assembled fig concoction will have to do.

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