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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cooking: Got Homemade BBQ Ribs? Try This.

Not having grown up in the South, I've always been intimidated by the sheer thought of trying to duplicate the whole Southern BBQ thing. I also don't own a state-of-the-art barbecue grill that lets me smoke or slow cook massive slabs of ribs.

But I finally tried a Tyler Florence recipe, which I knew would be reliable, and I must say, it came out pretty incredible. Ok, BBQ aficionados may say it's not the real deal, but slow cooking it in my oven with those sauces really transformed those baby back ribs, my favorite BBQ pick. The ribs were juicy, perfectly seasoned and totally (excuse the cliche but can't help it if it's true) fall-off-the-bone. It was a proud moment.

So go ahead and try it if you've never made American-style BBQ at the comfort of your own home. That barbecue sauce is also pretty darn addictive. My Southern friends will cringe when I say this, but y'all gotta try this!

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