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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Burger Kitchen Revisisted: No Go -- We Miss You Pat LaFrieda!

Remember when I was so stoked that the famous purveyors of meat in New York, Pat LaFrieda, which supplies to big wigs like Minetta Tavern and such, would now be available right here in LA by way of Burger Kitchen?

Well, I didn't bother linking the name of this joint in the last paragraph because I returned recently only to learn that it no longer served Pat LaFrieda burgers. This when I went there fully expecting to shell out $26 (yes, $26) for one of the best burgers in LA? I got a cheeseburger that claimed to have been made from a local butcher that's just as good. Alas -- not even close. I'm guessing the burger didn't sell as well and it was making it hard to turn a profit for the joint but what a monumental loss.

I'm sorry but this place needs to up its burger game, especially in the wake of yummy burger joints galore popping up every week. Come back, Patty!

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